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EASTHAMPTON — A second medical marijuana dispensary in Hampshire County has received a provisional license to sell recreational marijuana.

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday issued INSA a provisional license to sell recreational marijuana at its Easthampton store, as well as provisional licenses for processing and growing recreational marijuana at its Easthampton site.

“We are very excited,” said INSA Chief Operating Officer Mark Zatyrka.

The commission also provisionally licensed retail stores in Wareham and Plymouth. However, there is no firm date on when they will be able to sell recreational pot.

Zatyrka said INSA’s next step will be waiting to hear from the commission, and that the next phase of the process will revolve around inspections.

As for when people will be able to buy recreational marijuana in Easthampton, Zatyrka gave his best estimate.

“We hope within the next few weeks to a month,” he said.

New England Treatment Access’ Northampton loation was given a provisional license to sell recreational marijuana on July 26, but also has yet to be given the go-ahead to start selling recreational pot.

A hurdle for selling recreational marijuana in the commonwealth has been the lack of an independent testing facility for recreational marijuana, a requirement that has been imposed by the commission. However, Zatyrka said INSA has received guidance that it will be able to roll over some of its medical marijuana inventory to the recreational side on a one-time basis. Medical marijuana is also tested in Massachusetts.

“We don’t foresee any inventory issues (for either side of the business,” Zatyrka said.

Still, Zatyrka stated his company’s commitment to the medical business.

“We’ve portioned off a good portion of our inventory for medical,” he said. “That’s our top priority.”

NETA has also given its intention to transfer some of its medical marijuana to

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