Edibles Can Now Be Sold by Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida – NBC 6 South Florida

Medical marijuana in the form of edibles can now be sold by licensed dispensaries in Florida.

The Florida Department of Health published emergency rules Wednesday, making it legal.

“It’s another route of administration,” said Michael Puentes, who is with Miami Aid Wellness Cannabis Doctors.

Puentes says not only does the move give patients another option, but he says it tastes better. 

“Smoking or vaping pens or topical creams, they might not be the best fit for that patient, and edibles might be,” Puentes said.

The change comes with a long list of rules. The edibles have to be in the form of lozenges, baked goods, gelatins, chocolates or drink powders. They can’t look like candy already sold in stores, have any added colors, or be decorated with icing or sprinkles.

The ruling comes about four years after medical marijuana was legalized in the state.

“Every single patient is different, as far as how their body reacts to this medicine,” said Nikki Fried, Commissioner of Agriculture. “Some patients can’t swallow pills. Some may have lung cancer and can’t use flower. So, this is another alternative to so many patients who may need their medicine but need it in alternative forms.”

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