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April 20, the nation’s biggest day of smoking copious amounts of pot, is approaching for the second time since recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Oregon. The origins behind this weed smoking holiday are pretty hazy. Some say that it all started when Jerry Garcia asked his band members to meet up at 4:20. Others argue that police officers used the code 420 to indicate that people were smoking or selling pot in the area.

The LA Weekly reports that it all traces back to a group of high school students in the ’70s who called themselves “the Waldos.” The San Rafael, California group met at 4:20 p.m. to smoke together when school was out, and the term evolved from there.

Regardless of whether the rumors are true, April 20 remains a high holy day for the common stoner. Now that marijuana is officially legal in the state of Oregon, people who are 21 and older can head to the dispensary of their choice and pick up in preparation for the day.

The Emerald has provided a list of the best deals for cheap weed in Eugene to prepare all of your 4/20 needs.

Read about the status of the legalized weed industry in Eugene, one year after legalization.

In honor of the second legal 4/20, the Emerald recommends the best deals from dispensaries in Eugene. (Aaron Nelson/Emerald)

Eugene OG (2045 Franklin Blvd)

Eugene OG is conveniently located right across from Matthew Knight arena. Its modern design and knowledgable staff make it one of the premiere dispensaries in town. The staff travelled around all of Oregon hiding gift cards in various locations ranging from state parks to local spots in Eugene. They will be releasing the geo map on April 20 so keep an eye out in

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