Ethos Cannabis Opens First Adult-Use Dispensary as It Continues East Coast Expansion – Cannabis Dispensary

Pennsylvania-based Ethos Cannabis has opened its first adult-use dispensary as it continues expansion along the East Coast.

The company’s store in Fitchburg, Mass., opened Oct. 31, and is Ethos’ second retail location in the state, following the July opening of a medical dispensary in Watertown, which operates under the Natural Selections brand and will transition to adult-use sales by the end of the year.

The Fitchburg dispensary is co-located with the company’s cultivation facility, and by the beginning of December, the store will carry Ethos’ own products in addition to third-party brands.

Ethos CEO Teddy Scott said expanding along the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions is a priority for the company for several different reasons, including the areas’ geographic proximity to Ethos’ home base in Philadelphia.

“We have operations in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts right now,” Scott told Cannabis Dispensary. “We want to be able to effectively manage at a high execution. It helps from a geography [standpoint] to be relatively close. You can drive there.”

In addition, Ethos aims to operate in tightly regulated markets, and Scott said Massachusetts fits this description well.

“A lot of businesses don’t like regulations because they make it harder to operate effectively in a cost-effective manner,” he said. “We actually like that … [because] it requires you to be able to execute with a high degree of quality and efficiency. … With us focusing on execution, we want to be in places where our competitors are also being required by their regulators to focus on execution.”

Photos courtesy of Ethos Cannabis

Ethos opened its first adult-use dispensary in Fitchburg, Mass., on Oct. 31.Ethos was also attracted to Massachusetts due to what Scott called its stage in the lifecycle of the cannabis industry. Whereas markets out west tend to be very mature, there are many

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