Even Puff the Magic Dragon knows marijuana dispensaries in Manteca are about the money – Manteca Bulletin

It’s time to lay all the cards on the table.

Marijuana dispensaries are all about the money — nothing more, nothing less.

In fact the attorney representing clients chomping at the bit to secure one of three marijuana dispensary permits the City of Manteca will soon be dangling in front of people that need skip loaders to move their money has all but said that is the case.

At Thursday’s cannabis workshop at the Planning Commission the gentlemen stated the obvious. Any adult and any teen, if they set their mind to it, can secure marijuana on the black market.

What he didn’t say was that any adult can grow their own marijuana and there are ways those under 21 can procure some of that stuff.

Storefront marijuana sales won’t change that. What it will change is the City of Manteca will partner with the purveyors of marijuana to get a cut of the action.

There is no other way to describe it as, contrary to Mayor Ben Cantu’s claim that he sees medical dispensaries as just like any other business, nothing could be farther from the truth.

That’s because the City of Manteca is not just going to require marijuana dispensaries to collect one cent per $1 in general sales tax and a half-cent over $1 in public safety tax on every retail transaction that will be stuffed into the proverbial municipal treasury. Instead they are going to take a cut of the action as they do with every other business in the city. And given how they are salivating at the thought it’s going to be a healthy cut that is likely to make those running protection rackets envious.

And that cut is going to fund all sorts of wonderful things, right? Well what are they? Why isn’t

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