EVERYDAY HEROES: Dispensary employee aims to aid with 'Lifted Spirits' – Tahlequah Daily Press

Millen Kremmer, 20, grew up in Lost City and moved to Tahlequah in his teens. The Tahlequah High School Class of 2018 graduate has worked at Lifted Spirits, a Tahlequah medical marijuana dispensary that specializes in craft cannabis, for over a year.

“Some of the responsibilities I have as the assistant manager include ensuring customer service experiences are satisfactory, recording and keeping track of inventory, upkeep and auditing our online menu, and receiving product orders from vendors, along with a handful of less interesting duties,” he said.

Even with the pandemic, Kremmer doesn’t feel like his duties have changed a lot beyond being more attentive to wiping down exposed surfaces.

“For a portion of time when we were unsure what direction the lockdown on a state level would go, we prevented customers from entering beyond the lobby and strongly encouraged curbside orders,” said Kremmer. “Currently however we’ve opened the lobby back up and have implemented a few different measures to cut down on exposure to and spreading of COVID, while still allowing for patrons to get an in-depth look at our products.

According to Kremmer, the dispensary has adopted guidelines regarding COVID-19 to help reduce transmission between employees and customers. He and most employees have chosen to wear masks when interacting with customers.

“We also provide complimentary hand sanitizer and masks for anyone who would like to take their own precautions to cut down on transmission rates. With that said, we are not currently requiring customers to wear masks. While it is appreciated when our customers wear masks, we make an effort to not have more than three parties browsing in the lobby so they’re not having to stand too close to other customers,” said Kremmer.

Kremmer said that after the

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