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A map released Tuesday by the Missouri Department of Health and Human Services reports prefiled applications fees have been paid for one medical marijuana dispensary license and one medical marijuana cultivation license in Dent County. They are two of more than 40 paid for medical marijuana ventures within the Eighth Congressional District.

The names of those paying the prefiled application fees have not been released by DHSS. A lawsuit filed in January by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch seeks to unseal those records.

In all, the map indicates at least 21 fees have been paid in connection to dispensary license applications within the 30 counties of the Eighth Congressional District. Eight fees have also been paid in association with Jefferson County, however, DHSS has not yet released how many of those are within the portion of that county within the Eighth Congressional District. A total of 24 are permitted in the district in accordance with state law.

At least 14 fees have been paid in connection to medical marijuana cultivation licenses in the district and six in connection to licenses to manufacture medical marijuana-infused products.

DHSS won’t begin accepting formal applications until a Aug. 3-17 window but is accepting prefiled application fees of $10,000 to grow medical marijuana or $6,000 to sell it or manufacture infused products.

Missouri will begin accepting applications from prospective medical marijuana patients starting Friday.

In a Thursday article the Post-Dispatch reports Missouri has raked in nearly $3.9 million in fees from 543 applications statewide. Missouri is required by law to approve at least 60 commercial growers, 86 facilities that manufacture marijuana-infused products and 192 dispensary licenses. The state will also license up to 10 medical marijuana testing facilities.

Missouri became the

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