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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Just 15,339 Ohioans who had a recommendation from a physician to obtain medical marijuana have purchased any from a dispensary, according to recent state figures.

In all, 31,075 people are registered with the program – a process that involves visiting a physician who has been approved by the state to recommend the drug, then activating a medical marijuana e-card.

The 49 percent of registered patients buying product as of April is an increase from March – when it was just 40 percent.

Patients are likely holding off on purchasing the product until it gets cheaper, which will require more dispensaries to open and more product to be available. For instance, just 15 of 56 dispensaries have received certificates of operation from the state, and several are far from the state’s metro areas. Many large-scale growers aren’t yet selling product and most processors aren’t ready, either.

Among other state figures:

171 Ohio medical marijuana patients have a terminal diagnosis. 2,109 people are registered as caregivers — giving marijuana to children or patients too sick to self-administer.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy, one of the three state agencies involved in regulating medical marijuana, also released the following sales figures, for the beginning of sales in January through May 5:

750 pounds of plant material have been sold. 3,610 units of manufactured product — such as tinctures, oils or edibles — have been sold. Total product sales have been $5.8 million. There have been 41,487 total receipts — meaning some patients and caregivers have returned to the dispensaries for more product.

In other recent Ohio medical marijuana news:

In case you missed it, the state medical board may expand the list of 21 conditions for which someone may get medical marijuana to include anxiety and autism spectrum disorder. Ohio Attorney

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