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From the front, the building is nondescript: Just what looks to be a converted house with a few parking spots marked out in front of it, located inside a wrought-iron gate. The facility’s address, 16537 Highway 33, is announced on a large, friendly-looking sign on the fence. (Locals may remember the facility in its former incarnation, Patterson Rentals.) A pair of dogs patrols the area behind the dispensary; no doubt they have the run of the property when the store is closed.

Inside, the waiting room is comfortable, not unlike the waiting room in a medical or dental office.

This reporter arrived just in time for The Peoples Remedy Patterson’s opening at 9 a.m. on Tuesday morning, which was announced via Facebook Monday by General Manager Justin Danner.

Danner, who has been the most visible member of the team as the business has gone through the long and convoluted process of complying with local and state regulations, says he has been involved in “cannabis activism” since 2014, when, he said, the state was “trying to clean up California medical marijuana laws. I got involved politically, trying to gauge where the value was,” he said, adding that he’s always had an interest in working in the cannabis industry.

Danner’s community-oriented perspective has made him a familiar face around town. “I’ve been involved in other community organizations,” he said, “I like to volunteer; to be involved in my community. So it made sense for me to act as a bridge,” between those comfortable with the idea of cannabis and those who would prefer not to see such businesses in their town – including, at least initially, city leaders.

Other locations

Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising that The Peoples Remedy Patterson is the first cannabis business to open in town;

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