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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Hot Springs will be the center of the medical marijuana universe next week after a second dispensary passed state inspection Thursday.

“We are enormously excited,” said Dragan Vicentic, as he stood outside Green Springs Medical with partner Bruce Simpson. “This is basically history in the making; the first dispensary to open in Arkansas to sell medical marijuana. It’s just a phenomenal time.”

After a long and expensive process, Monday delivers the chance to finally start helping patients. The pair also has a plan in place to help as many of them as they can.

“The thing that we’re worried about is that not every patient will get product,” Vicentic said as the estimates of the first crop from Bold Cultivation come in at less than 200 pounds. 

“We came up with a plan that we’re going to limit it to half-an ounce per person. And of course there will be product next week. There will be a whole new harvest in.”

Economics 101 means a short supply and pent up demand will lead to steep prices. Each dispensary will set their own prices based on the market and Green Springs will charge $15 per gram. That equates to more than $200 after taxes for that half-ounce.

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“Yes you have to pay cash, but the thing about it is you can buy just one gram if you want for just 15 dollars,” Simpson said. By law a patient can purchase up to 2.5 ounces every 14 days. 

If other dispensaries don’t impose their own limits, a patient can buy it all in one shop or smaller amounts from different places. A bio-tagging tracking system will help the state control how much is sold.


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