First Jacksonville medical marijuana dispensary to open … –

The first medical marijuana dispensary in Jacksonville is due to open sometime in the Spring.

Knox Medical, the company opening up the dispensary on San Jose Boulevard, is a Orlando-area-based company opening up dispensaries in five other cities around the state.

The company got approval for their license Wednesday afternoon. Their dispensary will be at 9901 San Jose Blvd.

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Two local residents expressed their thoughts and concerns regarding the dispensaries and medical marijuana in general. They were equally concerned about regulating and making sure only those who needed it get it.

“If it actually has been researched and can help people – that’s a great thing,” says local mom Tia Jackson.

Lisa Gardener is also a local mom. She says she’s seen what happens when people get ahold of drugs illegally. 

“If it’s gonna help people,” she says of medical marijuana, “I think it’s okay. I’m just a little concerned that it needs to be regulated.”

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