First medical marijuana dispensary opens in St. Louis County –   Recently updated !

ST. LOUIS ( — Dozens of people lined the sidewalk outside of N’Bliss in Manchester on Saturday morning, awaiting the official first sale of medical marijuana in Missouri’s history.

N’Bliss is the first dispensary to open in Missouri, with several more around the state expected to follow in the coming days and weeks. The store opened earlier this year to sell CBD products. Now, those with a medical marijuana card can enter the dispensary.

“We all have someone that’s had challenges maybe with opioids or they’re looking for some alternatives and it’s finally here,” said N’Bliss CEO Bradford Goette.

Larry Simpson was the first patient to purchase medical marijuana in the state of Missouri. Accompanied by his wife, he explained the struggles he endured after being diagnosed with stomach cancer last year.

“When I came home from the hospital initially after surgery, I had a whole list of things you don’t want to take,” Simpson said. “Morphine, OxyContin, this, that … I took none of that.”

Instead, he tried a medical marijuana gummy and a Tylenol. 

“I would have never thought I would ever have any value for marijuana but it has changed my life,” he said.

Simpson said the edibles helped get him through his chemotherapy, a change his wife Sue, a nurse, noticed as well.

“I looked at him and he was helping me, we were refinishing some furniture, it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining,” she said. “He felt good and I thought, ‘who is this young, happy person going through this?’ It was just a tremendous difference.”

The state health department limits the amount of medical marijuana that can be purchased to 4 oz for a 30-day supply. Because the supply chain is just getting started,

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