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First Medical Marijuana Dispensary opens in the Mid-South

HELENA-WEST HELENA, Ark. – The first Medical Marijuana Dispensary in the Mid-South has opened in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

Green Light Dispensary is the fourth Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Arkansas. 

FOX13’s Tom Dees Found out the dispensary has heavy security. 

The barbed wire on the fence outside gives away little of what is behind it. 

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Dispensary owner Ed Wright told FOX13 everything here is under multiple lock and keys. 

“Every room has cameras in it that’s required. Every room has motion detectors in it and there is access control to every room,” Ed Wright said.

Only employees and patients are let in. They would not let us in but did tell us fingerprint operated security pads like this one are used throughout the building.

“We have to have a fingerprint to get in the building and there are certain rooms to get access to that to have key pods to get in them,” Wright said”

 Only a few patients showed up this morning to have their medical marijuana prescriptions filled. None of them wanted to go on camera.

Wright said he believes most patients treated are going to be looking for pain relief.

“Well, there are about 18 different conditions that would allow you to get a card now from glaucoma to seizures to cancer to Parkinson’s to poor appetite,” Wright said.

To get a Medical Marijuana card, the doctor will have to check to make sure you qualify with one of those 18 conditions.

From there, the card will be issued through the state.

“And then 50 dollars and your Arkansas driver’s license and you can

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