First Springfield medical marijuana dispensary opens –

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) – Built from the ground up, right off of I-70 in Springfield, the Terrasana dispensary is now offering patients a variety of medical marijuana products.

Two of the co-owners told 2 NEWS, there were about seven or eight patients who were already waiting in line when they opened at 10 a.m. on Thursday, and said they were excited they no longer had to drive to other cities to buy their medicine.

“When we first opened in Columbus, patients were driving from the Springfield area, Dayton, Cincinnati, people were still driving from that area to Cleveland to visit our store,” said one co-founder, Todd Yaross.

It’s the company’s fourth site in Ohio but the first dispensary in Clark County.

“My offices are in Summit county, and Summit county along with Clark County are some of the hardest hit areas from the opioid crisis,” said co-founder, Dr. William Kedia. “So to have this available to prescribe to people to help with chronic pain, not having to prescribe your Vicodin and Percocets, I’m all for it.”

Right now they have 15 employees at their Raydo Circle location, but could see that grow as the program expands.

“Once the patients utilize the program, they’re going to continue to utilize the program and hence you’re going to have more employees, more payroll tax, more taxes in general,” said Kedia.

Yaross said they also plan to offer public information meetings like they have in the other cities they have opened dispensaries, to answer any questions and concerns residents might have.

“We wouldn’t hold it here in the facility, we’d hold it somewhere else, maybe a conference center, where Dr. Kedia or someone else would speak on a topic,” said Yaross. “Some folks are wondering ‘how do I get a medical card, who do

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