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I didn’t understand what my parents were complaining about as I drank the latest glow-in-the-dark color of Mountain Dew when I was twelve: Who cared if cream soda or ginger ale was no longer available at the soda fountain? Flashier, sweeter flavors had taken over, and outside of a hip cafe or old deli, there was no going back.

Then I tried shopping for bubble hash the other day, and I suddenly realized what they’d meant. Expensive and refined rosins, THC diamonds and shatter were easy to find, but the bubble hash and kief I grew to love in college? That’s become tougher to locate as consumers become infatuated with the new, stronger concentrates.

While it’s not impossible to find bubble hash and even hand-rolled balls of Moroccan gold in Colorado, you can’t expect any random pot shop to have them. To help your high reach that extra burst without need of a blowtorch, here are five extractors and dispensaries still selling the good old stuff.

The Hash Factory
209 dispensaries across Colorado
If you’re looking for the most classically made concentrate, head for the nearest Colorado dispensary that stocks product from the Hash Factory. An extraction branch of the Greenery, a Durango dispensary, the Hash Factory specializes in Lebanese and Moroccan hash, two of the world’s oldest, most widely known cannabis concentrates — except in Colorado, where everyone wants their hash made in a space lab.

These two solventless processes date back centuries, using different methods to extract kief and then press it together. The kief is refined and decarboxylated to make the Factory’s versions more

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