Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary Surterra Issues Recall – Deerfield-News.com

Deerfield-News.com-Deerfield Beach,Fl-Alpha Foliager Inc. which does business in Florida and in Deerfield Beach as Surterra  Wellness has issued a recall. Believed to be the first recall of Florida medical marijuana the flower was sold as Grandaddy Purple. The reason for the recall is a high level of mold. The batch was found to have Aspergillus a common mold. The State of Florida has ordered the dispensary to contact all clients who have been dispensed the flower.

According to Florida’s medical marijuana website, Surterra Wellness is the second-largest seller of medical marijuana in the state, with 39 retail stores. Surterra Wellness is now operating on US1 in Deerfield Beach out of the old Marlee’s Diner. The largest seller in Florida is Trulieve who also has a store on West Hillsboro Boulevard in Deerfield.

The state of Florida website indicates the Surterra Wellness sold nearly 4834 ounces of medical marijuana flower from August 7 thru August 13. The website does not indicate how much of that was in Grandaddy Purple. We have emailed the company and will post their response if received.

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