For dispensary-owning couple, time together was already constant – Vallejo Times-Herald

Marijuana is illegal in Texas, Georgia, both Carolinas, and 13 other states. So, the question is: Will some states, staring at the prospect of losing millions of dollars with the financial devastation of COVID-19, break — or at least bend — in cashing in on cannabis?

A distinct possibility, says Maurice Solis, co-owner of Plantacea dispensaries in Vallejo and Seaside.

“I think more states and cities will be looking at this to regain some lost revenue. It’s an economic boost,” Solis said. “States may never regain exactly what they’ve lost, but I think they can minimize damages.”

The more states that legalize marijuana, the more “it starts to remove the stigma,” believes Solis, emphasizing his concern right now is California and, more specifically, the two dispensaries he owns with his wife, Anh.

The shelter-in-place limits the couple most of the time to their Vacaville home, shared with their 6-year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. While some couples are helping keep divorce lawyers in billable hours, Solis said he and his wife adapted years ago when they opened “pre-Panacea” dispensary ReLeaf in 2011 kitty-corner to the Vallejo Police Department.

Maurice and Anh Solis own Plantacea dispensary in Vallejo. (Chris Riley/Times-Herald)

“We spend a lot of time together, as you can imagine,” Solis said. “Having the kids together was a lot more stressful at the beginning but at this point, we have it down.”

This never-ending space-sharing with a spouse can challenge a marriage — even without COVID-19 — Solis noted, with he and his wife understanding when the other needs some alone time.

“A lot of couples are used to seeing each other three hours a day. These days they’re seeing a lot of each other. Day in, day out, tiny things are getting to people,” Solis said. “But my wife and

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