Former Mohave County Board of Supervisors candidate plans pot dispensary – Today's News-Herald

A former Mohave County Board of Supervisors candidate may be getting into the medical marijuana business.

This week, Havasu resident Cassandra Mooneyham filed an article of incorporation to bring a new medical marijuana dispensary to the city.

The nonprofit organization, Colorado River Farms, would be headed by Mooneyham and her husband, Richard Mooneyham, with the goal of opening a dispensary in Havasu at 1080 Aviation Drive.

The Mooneyhams describe themselves as avid hobby vegetable farmers, and believe their experience in agriculture will allow them to provide a high-quality product at an affordable price to Havasu patients. Specifically, she intends to provide medical marijuana with lower amounts of tetrahydrocannabidinol, or THC – the chemical responsible for marijuana’s “high” during treatment. Starting their business, however, won’t be easy.

“In order to begin operation,” Mooneyham said, “there are several more steps, including licensing as well as obtaining a certificate to operate. There are many barriers to entry in the (medical marijuana) business. We are prepared to overcome each of them when the time is right.”

According to Mooneyham, the Department of Health will not be issuing any additional licenses in 2017, but filing the article of incorporation for Colorado River Farms was the first necessary step in the process. When the Department of Health begins issuing licenses once more, Mooneyham says, she and her husband will file their application.

With Havasu’s growing senior population, the need for medical marijuana is growing as well, according to Havasu dispensary owner Joel Williams. The drug is commonly prescribed to relieve symptoms of glaucoma, cancer, chemotherapy, multiple sclerosis and other maladies often associated with aging. Mooneyham says medical marijuana can benefit veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Williams has operated Havasu’s Farm

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