Galesburg debates proposed medical marijuana dispensary | WWMT – WWMT-TV

GALESBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – Public debate about medical marijuana has made it to Galesburg after a West Michigan man proposed a plan to open a medical marijuana dispensary.

On Tuesday night, Galesburg residents had their first chance to talk about the proposal.

Tuesday’s meeting comes after concerns were raised about the possibility of a medical marijuana dispensary opening up in Galesburg. At that meeting it was clear that community members were not all on the same page.

More than 50 concerned citizens packed into Galesburg City Hall Tuesday night. There was mixed reaction during the first of two community meetings on whether medical marijuana businesses should be in the city.

“There are people that need marijuana, there are children suffering,” said one community member.

“I have seen twelve and thirteen year olds sexually assaulted that have been using marijuana,” said another.

The public dialogue came about after Billy Huskey announced plans to operate a medical marijuana dispensary within city limits. It’s a decision Huskey believes will better the community.

“It boils down to being a medicine,” said Huskey, “and it can be controlled like any other medicine and you give your kids antibiotics or your mother Alzheimer’s medications, it’s the same thing.”

Some key issues raised at Tuesday’s meeting include regulation, crime, and economic impact.

“Yes we need business, but I would hope that the council would take into consideration what kind of businesses we want,” said a community member.

While the majority of public input at Tuesday’s meeting was in opposition to the dispensary, commissioners gave little indication of how councilors will vote.

The next public meeting on the issue is scheduled for March 24th. The council is expected to make a decision on the issue by December.

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