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EASTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – INSA, the cannabis dispensary located in Easthampton has recently launched an education campaign.

The campaign called “Ask Insa” was created to provide an easy process for people to get their questions answered quickly and efficiently. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are curbside pickup only. In addition to an email exchange to get your questions answered, the new program also provides virtual one-on-one sessions with a consultant.

Get Your Cannabis-related Questions Answered

22News gave the new program a try to see how the answering process is operated by asking a few questions. Instead of a robot system as many people expect, Insa’s Community Outreach and Training Coordinator Lisa Black replied back to the email promptly with the following responses:

What’s typically the turn around time for seeds to shelf life?

Cannabis Consultant: “We don’t use seeds in our growing process, we use clones! We can’t sell seeds or clones currently due to CCC regulations.”

How do you recommend people store the flower for freshness?

Cannabis Consultant: “A glass mason jar is one of the best ways to keep your cannabis fresh and to prevent it from drying out. Some people use little packs that helps control the humidity of the jar, making sure the water content is perfect.”

What is the common age group you see at Insa?

Cannabis Consultant: “We see all ages! Our most popular customers are those over 35. It’s great to see the stigma of cannabis use decrease with the older age groups. We’ve seen businessmen in their suits, brides in their wedding gowns, and pastors in their clergy clothes.”

Do you typically sell more medical or recreational?

Cannabis Consultant: “We sell far more recreational product. However, a good percentage of our recreational customers are looking to try cannabis to

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