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(CNN/KMGH) — A girl scout in Colorado says she found a sweet spot to sell cookies this season.

Her target? Customers going to a local pot dispensary in Glendale, CO.

The plan may work.

Location is key in the cutthroat world of Girl Scout cookie sales.

“I got a lot more sales than I got at like King Soopers and Walmart. It’s definitely a lot busier here than it is at most stores,” said Serenity Christensen, a Girl Scout.

When Serenity heard the ban was lifted on selling cookies outside adult businesses, she decided to try something new.

Her booth is set up outside the Smokin Gun Apothecary with her mother by her side.

“I would say it’s the perfect place to sell any kind of product, especially sweets like Girl Scout cookies and it’s just like any other business. A lot of people, a lot of customers,” said Nicole Harmon.

Customers are always looking for a sugar high and have cash in hand.

Serenity says Smokin Gun is the only business she has sold cookies at, that has given her a heater.

And to boost sales, they are offering a $10 discount on a joint for every box of cookies sold.

“I really admire what the Girl Scouts are do everything from their community service, to providing opportunities for young women. So at Smokin Gun, when we heard that the ban was lifted it, completely made sense for us,” said Lindsey Mintz, owner of the pot dispensary.

Girl Scouts of Colorado, says only about half a percent of their 21,000 booths this year are at dispensaries.

And the sales last year weren’t outstanding.

Serenity’s goal is to sell 1,500 boxes, which will fund a trip

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