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Green Life Dispensary Manager Rachael Forrister said thieves damaged the storage locks and doors, and one unit can’t lock anymore.

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Two thieves broke into a storage unit at Green Life Dispensary and destroyed locks and doors July 20, according to manager Rachael Forrister.

Forrister said surveillance video shows what looks to be a pair of middle-aged men walking up behind her two, steel connex storage units and taking a pellet tool to the locks. She said it doesn’t appear they got away with any items, but believes they were looking for marijuana.

She said thieves damaged the storage locks and doors, and one unit can’t lock anymore.

“We don’t keep marijuana in storage,” she said. “Everything is locked up inside – and not even in the cases.”

She said surveillance video shows the thieves rummaging around for about 25 minute and walking off.

Forrister said this incident isn’t the first time Green Life Dispensary was targeted by thieves. During the snow storm in February, she said thieves pulled up in a truck and attached one of their storage units to a trailer and drove off.

Wagoner Police Sgt. Clarence Collins is investigating the break-in and confirmed two people were involved.

He said it does not appear anything was taken and it seems to be an isolated incident. Once he gets the surveillance video from Green Life Dispensary, he will investigate further, he said.

Forrister said she wishes thieves would stop targeting her business.

“There are plenty of jobs out there,” Forrister said. “There is no reason why they should be stealing anything.”

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