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Cannabis now has a third place in Portland.

It’s not a smoking lounge, and there’s no flower or oil for sale. It’s something entirely new—a chocolate and coffee counter, where the baristas possess the knowledge of learned budtenders.

At Grön CBD Cafe, you can order a mocha made with Grön’s CBD-infused chocolate syrup, sample a few varieties of Grön CBD chocolate bars and buy a couple CBD bonbons to go. You can sip on a cappuccino while learning about the cannabinoid system and cannabis compounds, all without anyone asking for your ID or to wait in line for the next available cashier. There’s never been anything quite like it, inside or outside the legal cannabis space.

(Courtesy of The Grön CBD Cafe)

(Courtesy of The Grön CBD Cafe)

“It’s fun to have a place that isn’t a dispensary to try product and learn more,” says Christine Smith, Grön’s CEO.

How can such a thing exist without dispensary protocol?

It’s because Grön’s CBD chocolate products are not made with CBD derived from cannabis. Instead, they’re made from lichen and lemon peel rich in the same cannabinoid. CBD is a naturally occurring compound that can be found throughout nature. And while the chocolates produce the same meditative, clear-headed effect as cannabis-derived CBD, it isn’t regulated the same. In fact, it isn’t regulated at all.

CBD is everywhere these days. Maybe you’ve noticed tinctures popping up in Whole Foods checkout stands. You can order “CBD oil” by the gallon from China via Amazon. Because cannabis products with less than 0.3 percent THC don’t have to be regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s

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