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PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Hampton Roads’ first medical marijuana dispensary officially opened in a soft debut in Portsmouth Tuesday.

Columbia Care dispensary is located on Seaboard Court in Portsmouth. Just those who had registered for the company’s email list were notified, but if you have the proper credentials the doors are open for your business.

Don’t bother buying rolling paper or a pipe, anything made in the facility must originate with the plant’s oils and for now, the selection is limited. Production is still underway at the plant, but for now, Columbia Care is selling products it purchased from a Richmond, Virginia dispensary.

(Photo courtesy: Columbia Care)

“We are starting with wholesale from gLeaf on six different vape cartridges. We are in the process now of getting ready to perform chemical extractions and manufacturing. So were are talking about lozenges, capsules, tablets, tinctures, other forms of concentrates and other vape options as well,” said Raymond Hernandez, Columbia Care’s Doctor of Pharmacy.

Ray Hernandez, Doctor of Pharmacy
(Photo: Regina Mobley/WAVY)

On day one, 40 patients showed up for the limited selection, but there were few complaints. Because of the new location, patients in Hampton Roads seeking treatment for pain and other disorders no longer have to hit the road to get a hit of medicinal marijuana.

“I broke my leg in 2019 and I take a lot of medication for that. Every day I have to take pills. I will be real happy to not have to take them any more,” said Sony Dobson from Chesapeake.

One of the first to arrive on day two was Sean Presley of Portsmouth. Presley, a cancer survivor, uses medicinal marijuana to relieve pain and anxiety.

Cancer survivor Sean Presley
(Photo: Regina Mobley/WAVY)

He gleefully explained how oil is delivered to his lungs with a vaping device

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