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Harborside Oakland Dispensary Tour
From YouTube Channel: November 12, 2020 at 05:01PM
ONN – Harborside Oakland Cannabis Dispensary Tour

The YouTube maker wrote:

I’ve always wanted to visit the famous Harborside dispensary in Oakland because it’s one of Steve DeAngelo’s stores. He is the Godfather of legal cannabis and has always been one of the biggest advocates of his time in California and worldwide. Thanks for paving the path, Mr. Steve DeAngelo.

Harborside dispensary gets an A+ from me! They have a huge parking lot which makes busy times a little less hectic, which is super important for the flow of your shop. When you walk up you can see their famous peace sign that has become an Instagram hotspot for the cannabis community. That’s where you are welcomed by some security guards who were super friendly.

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Once you get through security they let you into the beautiful storefront where you will be amazed by how big and well put together the bedroom is. You can grab your basket that you will see in this video and start browsing around the shop.

You will notice big beautifully built out displays by some of the top brands in the cannabis industry. Those displays will have some of their top products showcased and a little education about the brand and products, which in my opinion is super helpful for the people who are new to cannabis and want to learn a little bit about what they are putting in their body.

The rest of the store has a great flow to it! All of the products are separated into rows of either flower, edibles, vapes, CBD, drinks, concentrates, and even a really cool merch row that you can see in the video. When a shop

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