Hayden Council consider further limiting potential locations for a dispensary – Craig Daily Press

Hayden Town Hall (Photo by Shelby Reardon)

Hayden Town Council discussed changing current rules Thursday to further restrict where in the town a marijuana dispensary could be located, with the main intent being to keep “pot shops” out of the public eye.

The town’s current ordinance, which was approved in 2019, requires dispensaries to be 1,000 feet away from child and daycare facilities, schools, drug and alcohol treatment facilities, public parks, libraries and other recreational spaces. It also requires them to be 150 feet away from transportation channels, like Yampa Valley Regional Airport and U.S. Highway 40 through town.

A new shop would also need to get conditional use permits from council and the Planning Commission, in addition to getting additional site approval from the Planning Commission.

Council did not discuss a specific proposal for a new dispensary in town in its meeting Thursday. Instead, the discussion was focused on the future of the town and where they want to allow these businesses.

Council member Bob Reese said he doesn’t like seeing signs and green lights for dispensaries as he enters places like Steamboat Springs and Craig and wants the town to pass a moratorium on any new dispensary along the U.S. 40 corridor through town before a new dispensary tries to set up shop.

“I’m older than everybody, and I come from the days of the damn stoners, you know. They are still around, but back then, their pants was at their knees and everything, and it is a sour taste for me to see that stuff,” Reese said.

In the discussion, council rarely addressed any economic impacts, good or bad, that restricting a new dispensary in town could have, instead focusing on where they could be least seen.

“Is it OK if it is

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