Hayden council to vote Thursday on pursuing ordinance further limiting future dispensary locations – Craig Daily Press

The Hayden Town Council will vote Thursday on whether to pursue a more restrictive ordinance on where in town another marijuana dispensary could be opened in the future.

There is already a dispensary approved to open within Hayden. Should the council pursue it, this ordinance would restrict the location of where another shop could open in town.

Council member Bob Reese first brought the issue to the his fellow council members last month, and council scheduled a work session last Thursday to discuss the potential ordinance, which Reese says should restrict the ability for a new dispensary to open on the U.S. Highway 40 corridor within the city limits.

Thursday’s vote will be on whether to direct staff to start drafting a different ordinance restricting any further dispensaries in the corridor, which the council has referred to as Main Street, or to keep the ordinance as is.

While Reese’s main concern is how a new shop would affect the look of Hayden’s downtown, other council members are concerned about whether restricting dispensaries in the town could give off an unwelcome tone toward all businesses at a time when the economic future of the town is far from certain.

“By no means do I think the marijuana industry is going to be our silver bullet,” said Hayden Mayor Zach Wuestewald. “There is not going to be one industry that comes in here and replaces the coal mine or the power plant, and I don’t think this is it by any means, but is it part of the puzzle? How can it not be?”

Hayden already has restrictions on where a dispensary can open up in town that went in place in 2019, requiring dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet away from child and daycare centers, schools,

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