How Branded Text Messages Can Boost Your Sales – Cannabis Dispensary

In the absence of direct relationships, cannabis brands need to rely on the retailer as the main gateway to reach patients and consumers. Much effort goes into developing budtender education, branded handouts, in-store product packaging displays, ancillary product merchandising and more—in hopes of connecting with their target audience while they’re in store. 

These marketing methods require a customer’s presence in store to see or learn about a cannabis brand. Some brands are expanding their marketing strategies by partnering with retailers for an even more direct gateway that reaches their audience wherever they are: text message marketing. Springbig, through its digital marketing platform that serves more than 1,600 retailers nationwide, has been working to facilitate text message marketing collaborations to place cannabis brands’ advertising front and center with loyal audiences.  

In these campaigns, “everybody wins,” says Springbig VP, GM, Brands, Brett Pogany. “Brands provide … high-quality, creative images to the retailers, retailers apply and utilize that content in their text messages. In exchange, the brand pays for the message and the retailer is able to send the message for free.”

Another benefit to a branded text campaign partnership is the ability to gauge that campaign’s success with data when using a platform like Springbig. “[Brands] can measure how much of their product sold because of the campaign, versus what they typically sell at that dispensary without the campaign.  They can also use the platform to compare alternative promotions or brand strategies via A/B testing across dispensaries.”

“Brands have access to a dashboard on the platform that show the purchases of their product during a campaign period. We follow that up with additional information about recent sales data before the campaign,” Pogany says—and Springbig also provides data for after the campaign, including open rates, new customers acquired, and more, which can

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