How St. Charles' decision on pot sales could affect medical dispensary – Chicago Daily Herald

A St. Charles medical marijuana dispensary likely would move to another community if the city chooses not to allow recreational cannabis sales, company leaders said.

But implementing such a ban doesn’t appear to be of interest to a majority of aldermen, who indicated a desire Monday to update the city’s zoning code and keep Zen Leaf in town.


Under the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which goes into effect Jan. 1, the state’s 55 licensed medical cannabis dispensaries will be authorized to sell recreational marijuana under the same roof. They also could open a second facility that is recreational only.

Zen Leaf leaders intend to pursue that business venture, and they’d prefer to do so in St. Charles, Anthony Marsico, executive vice president of retail, said. But the company can’t move forward unless the city council approves appropriate zoning regulations.

“We want to be here in St. Charles. I want to make that very clear,” Marsico told aldermen Monday. But if the city chooses to opt out, he says, “we’d probably explore options to move to a municipality where we have the opportunity to sell both.”

St. Charles aldermen voted 6-3 Monday to begin the zoning process for allowing up to two recreational dispensaries to open in the city, as long as they’re tied to a medical cannabis business that has been operating for at least two years.


The motion made by Alderman Lora Vitek would limit the dispensaries to the community

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