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Yes, marijuana dispensaries are open in metro Denver, operating under much the same rules they’ve been following since spring: limited capacity, masks (no smelling!), and ordering online recommended — but not required.

One thing you will definitely need? An ID that shows you’re 21. But how picky are dispensaries about your ID? Will they accept a temporary license from the DMV? That’s what one would-be shopper recently asked our Stoner, who noted that “a temporary, state-issued ID from Colorado is an acceptable form of identification for dispensaries here, according to the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.”

In their Westword Facebook comments about that Stoner post, though, readers disagreed. Says Andrew:

The dispensaries I go to do not accept them.

Adds Jean:

Nope, they don’t. They will take passports.

Advises Ben:

 If it’s the barcoded paper, they should take it. Some places follow the MED laws rigidly, and some of the language in the laws is vague. It can also change from whoever is in charge at the time. Nobody wants to be hit with a fine for non-compliance. Keep in mind, shops get hit with stings all the time by the MED sending in fake customers. ·

Suggests Rafael:

Just give us a damn chip already and get it over with… ????

And then there’s this from Kirk:

Most will take a note from your mom.

Have you had problems with your ID at local dispensaries? Which are the toughest? The easiest? Post a comment or email your thoughts to

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