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If you are active in Missouri’s cannabis industry, you’ve likely heard of Green Releaf. With 5 operational locations across the state and another one opening up soon, Green Releaf is Missouri’s premier medical marijuana dispensary aiming to provide an elevated cannabis experience to its customers. With an enterprise family business in retail, venturing into cannabis seemed like a natural extension for Jay Patel, founder & CEO of Green Releaf. Initially, people close to Jay raised eyebrows over his cannabis business idea because of the stigma surrounding marijuana. But with research, education, and a vicarious experience of a family member who healed through cannabis products, Jay and his family witnessed the medical benefits first-hand, which proved to be the motivation for everyone to get on board.

With extensive experience in the regulated retail space and a passion to help people in their wellness journey, Jay has been able to expand the footprint of Green Releaf quickly for the dispensary to become the preferred cannabis store in Missouri. With a college degree in engineering, Jay also understood the importance of using the right retail technology to ensure efficient dispensary management and chose Cova POS as the cannabis retail software solution for all his stores. Patel is very involved in the day-to-day operations of Green Releaf and has the following advice for cannabis retailers on how to choose the best tech and pos system for their business.

Choose Tech That Aligns With Your Business Vision and Growth Plans

Jay was always confident about the future of cannabis and applied for multiple licenses. Once Green Releaf got awarded its dispensary licenses, it became the first company to open all its allotted medical marijuana stores in Missouri because of a well-defined business plan. His vision for growth required that they choose a cannabis

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