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Andy and Veronica Hunt, co-owners of Elevele medical marijuana dispensary in Highland Park, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in April. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER/JWC MEDIA

HIGHLAND PARK – Alan Gelman has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years. He also has a heart condition that prevents him from taking pain medication to manage his arthritis, because of the side effects.“The easiest way to deal with my pain is marijuana. I smoke it and I do the edibles,” said Gelman. He recently had a tendon graft on his hand and wrist, and because he won’t take conventional pain medications except Tylenol, “it was marijuana or nothing.”

Fortunately, Gelman found a treatment at Elevele, a Highland Park medicinal cannabis dispensary that celebrated its one-year anniversary on April 7. It not only manages Gelman’s pain, but it has improved his quality of life.

Elevele opened March 23, 2016 at 1460 Old Skokie Road in Highland Park’s Briergate District. “Patient registration was slow at the beginning, but last month we had a 19 percent increase in patients versus a seven percent increase statewide,” said Andy Hunt, a Lake Forest resident who co-owns Elevele with his wife, Veronica Hunt.

Gelman said the staff at Elevele is knowledgeable in taking symptoms and prescribing the proper medication. “They’re prescribing different strains of marijuana for specific purposes. This really is a medical dispensary.” At 71, the 40-year Highland Park resident said he’s now able to sleep better has more energy to work out.

Patient Alan Gelman of Highland Park at Elevele medical cannabis dispensary in Highland Park on the occasion of their first anniversary. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOEL LERNER/JWC MEDIA

“Most people don’t realize that medicinal cannabis (marijuana) really works for pain and there are thousands of testimonials from patients who were on hardcore opiates who

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