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BELMONT — The first few days of parenthood can be stressful enough, but for mothers having a difficult time breastfeeding, it’s especially concerning. One option is to use formula, but that carries a risk, because statistics show that once mothers start using formula to feed their baby, they tend to stick with the formula.

For mothers who want to continue breastfeeding but need some supplementation, there’s another choice: using milk donated by other mothers. And, now, thanks to an innovative partnership between LRGHealthcare and Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast, any mother who needs more milk for her baby can get some in Belmont, at the Caring for Kids practice located in the Belmont Medical Center, which held a ribbon-cutting for the dispensary on Wednesday evening.

“It’s really a cutting-edge thing that they’re doing here, the community is really lucky to have this here,” said Ann Marie Lindquist, director of community relations for the Newton, Massachusetts-based Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast.

Donated milk was available through the milk bank for babies at 11 New Hampshire hospitals, but once those babies went home, the only way for their mothers to access more milk, should they need it, was to get a prescription from their primary care provider and have the milk shipped overnight from the milk bank.

Overnight might sound quick, but if a mother is reaching out for extra milk, it’s likely that her baby needs it immediately.

“As a new mother, the thought that you can go down the street or across town (and get milk), it’s very comforting,” Lindquist said.

Sue Coulter, a provider at Caring for Kids, said there could be a wide range of reasons a new mother would need the milk.

“If the baby’s not gaining weight, if the baby’s not latching on well, it

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