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Auxly’s Kolab Project is bringing vape recycling bins to Canadian dispensaries—Superette and Inner Spirit, to start—in a partnership with Greentec, one of the country’s electronic waste recycling businesses.

It’s a collaborative solution to a problem that has vexed the young cannabis industry. Vape cartridges run dry, and the empty products constitute electronic waste (“e-waste”) because of the battery connection. If a customer simply tosses them in the trash, e-waste products like vape cartridges may contribute to soil and water pollution.

“Vape recycling poses the same challenges that all e-waste poses,” Auxly CEO Hugo Alves says.

But the scale of this particular issue is growing. Alves is quick to point out the significant market share held by the vape category in Canada and the U.S. He estimates that vape carts account for 14% of cannabis sales in Canada, and that upwards of 10 million vape carts will have been sold by the end of next year.

To solve the problem, Alves and his team turned to Greentec, which maintains a suite of certifications for handling e-waste. Alves says that this is key: Cannabis remains a tightly regulated industry, of course, and businesses that are interested in striking up these sorts of recycling partnerships must work with an organization that has the credentials to do so. 

“By working directly with producers through this program,” Greentec president and CEO Tony Perrotta said in a public statement, “we ensure these materials are recycled to the highest health, safety and environmental standards.” 

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“The environmental impact of vape products has been a hot topic for us at Superette,” Mimi Lam, CEO and Co-Founder of Superette, said in a public statement. “Kolab Project has a tangible solution that addresses this and demonstrates true industry leadership from

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