Illinois recreational marijuana sales up during pandemic – WISN Milwaukee

On Tuesday afternoon, during a nationwide pandemic and statewide Stay-at-Home order, there was still a steady flow of about 100 cars outside Rise Dispensary in Mundelein, Illinois. Continuing Coverage: Coronavirus in WisconsinSome customers said they were there to help pass the time at home. Others said they were shopping for recreational marijuana to help with stress relief. “(My fiancee) has more anxiety with whats going on now. She won’t leave the house. She’s stressed every time I leave the house, usually goes out about once a week,” said Adam Fox, who bought two marijuana vape cartridges for him and his fiancee.WISN 12 News spotted a handful of cars with Wisconsin license plates outside. It is illegal to bring recreational marijuana across the state border. One Kenosha woman, whose identity WISN 12 News is not revealing, said she smokes more weed now than she did before the pandemic. “For one thing, I’m at home so I have a little bit more time and just, you know, dealing with the stress of every day and wondering when is this going to be over,” she said. “It just kind of helps me forget about troubles and things that I have no control over. It helps me sleep at night, otherwise I’d be up all night thinking about ‘What if my kids get it,’ or ‘What if my husband brings it home from work?'”Rise Dispensary said customers can join a waitlist online and are texted when it is nearly their turn. Rise said staff members wear masks and gloves as necessary and clean surfaces on the hour, every hour. “The inside of the store has markers keeping everyone 6 feet apart. We’ve shut down a couple registers that were too close together to keep people 6 feet apart,” said Roger Dillman, Rise Dispensary’s manager.

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