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A rendering of the new Thrive Cannabis Marketplace in Jackpot, Nevada, set to open in September.


JACKPOT — A marijuana dispensary is scheduled to open in mid-September in Jackpot, Nevada.

This will be Thrive Cannabis Marketplace’s sixth location in Nevada.

John Erminio marketing director for Thrive said they are ready for the new location.

“We are very excited about being entrenched in that area and being a good partner there,” Erminio said.

The store will be open 24/7, 365 days a year. Shoppers will be able to come inside the store or use a drive-through option, he said. A range of products will be available including vapes, concentrate and edibles.

Jackpot is about 45 miles south of Twin Falls and just across the state line from Twin Falls County.

Twin Falls County commissioners have expressed their concerns about the dispensary being so close to the Idaho border.

Commissioner Don Hall said they have concerns about the potential impact on Idaho roads.

“This could affect the highway between Jackpot and Twin Falls County and the citizens that utilize that road,” Hall said.

Marijuana is illegal to possess, sell or smoke in Idaho. Recreational marijuana is legal across state lines in Washington, Oregon and Nevada. Utah legalized medical marijuana only. Montana recently legalized recreational marijuana, and dispensaries can open next year.

Similar to alcohol, marijuana is an intoxicant. It slows reflexes and impacts coordination, Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter said.

Safety and abiding by laws are important to Thrive, Erminio said.

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“We want it to be safe,

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