Jenelle Evans Flies Cross-Country to Make Appearance at Weed Dispensary Amid Ongoing Pandemic – The Hollywood Gossip

For years, Jenelle Evans has claimed that she’s a great mom, and anyone who thinks otherwise has been brainwashed by MTV.

But her actions tend to betray her, especially these days, as Jenelle is desperate for cash and willing to do anything — including dumping off her kids and flying cross-country in the middle of a pandemic — in order to make a buck.

Jenelle and David at a Pot Dispensary

Yes, that’s Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, at Burnt Farms Cannabis dispensary in Ontario, Oregon.

“Wanna meet Jenelle for yourself?!” reads the caption from this since-deleted pic on the company’s Instagram page.

“Come on down for a meet and greet!”

Needless to say the response from Teen Mom 2 fans was not nearly as enthusiastic as the folks at Burnt River Farms seemed to believe it would be.

Jenelle L. Evans

Perhaps the owners weren’t aware of Jenelle’s history of racism.

Maybe they didn’t know that just last year, David shot the family dog in front of his kids, prompting a CPS investigation that led the Easons to lose custody of their children.

Of course, it’s hard to feel too sympathetic.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in December

After all, they could have taken two seconds to google the Easons’ names, and recent developments like David’s bigoted rant against Michelle Obama would have clued these folks in with regard to the type of people they were

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