Joplin City Council decision nixes zoning for dispensary site – Joplin Globe

A request for heavy commercial zoning at a Range Line wedding chapel to make it available as a possible location for a medical marijuana dispensary was amended by the City Council on Monday night, knocking out its availability as a dispensary site.

Joe Burtrum Jr., owner of the Silver Creek Wedding Chapel at 3925 Range Line Road, sought a change to C-3 zoning of the chapel. He said he wanted to use it or sell it for possible use as a medical marijuana dispensary. But council members said that level of zoning would allow the property to be open for heavy uses that were not suitable for a location next to the residential neighborhood of Silver Creek.

Burtrum said he would also accept C-2 zoning. He said he thought the property would be suitable for that classification because the location is near Interstate 44 and easy to find.

The city planning director, Troy Bolander, told the council that Silver Creek merged with the city of Joplin in 2013. When there is a merger or annexation, all properties come into Joplin city limits in the most protected zoning category of R-1, single-family residential, and that is the status of the wedding chapel property.

He said the property could be zoned C-1 and that there are a variety of land uses in that area ranging up to that of the Schaeffler Group plant, which is heavy industrial.

The requested zoning change drew formal protests from both business owners and residents. The council was told that the number of objections received by the city would require a supermajority vote of at least six rather than the standard majority of five votes to take action.

Company officials with the Schaeffler Plant, 3900 Range Line Road, were among those lodging protests.

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