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Women, Veteran, and Minority-Owned Riverside Wellness Expands Signature Patient-Centered Offerings

Riverside Wellness LLC is expanding patient access to medical marijuana in the Kansas City area to offer home delivery service starting Monday.

“Delivery is incredibly important for our disabled and homebound patients, as well as busy parents and those who work from home,” says Mary Ann Denzer, co-owner and chief operating officer at Riverside Wellness. “And we’re thrilled to provide a more convenient way for anyone in the Kansas City area to access safe, legal, high-quality cannabis.” 

Denzer, a Kansas City native who has a background in both hospitality and business operations, has prioritized education and accessibility at Riverside Wellness since it opened in in May, offering in-store shopping and consultations as well as online ordering with drive-thru pickup. 

With the addition of delivery, Kansas Citians now have three avenues for accessing a variety of high-quality cannabis products at the locally owned dispensary (which also offers a handful of community discounts through its Compassionate Care Program).

 While the delivery radius may expand in the future, the current Riverside Wellness delivery zone is much of the North Kansas City area, and south to 75th Street between State Line and 71 Highway. Per state law, patients must hold a valid Missouri medical marijuana card to enter the store or place an order for pickup or delivery. 

To help patients make the most informed cannabis purchases online or in person, the patient care associates at Riverside Wellness are always up to date on the latest cannabis research, patient rights, and product availability. Many are veterans of the Kansas City hospitality industry and take great pride in helping patients navigate the online menu and ordering process. Additionally, Riverside Wellness has partnered with a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine service to streamline the process of acquiring a

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