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Keeping a dispensary’s design compliant while simultaneously maintaining alignment with a specific vision can be a time-consuming balancing act. This can be especially true when it comes to designing product displays and shelving. Merchandising—or the arrangement of products within a retail space—can dramatically impact a dispensary’s bottom line.

In addition to all the other intricacies of dispensary management, now operators also must navigate COVID-19, a virus that has caused drastic changes across every industry nationwide. Because cannabis businesses were declared “essential” early in the pandemic, some companies discovered an expedited need to open shop doors—not only to draw in revenue, but also to serve an expanding consumer base desperately in need of relief from pandemic-caused distress.


“Imagine working tirelessly, getting a license to operate your dispensary, curating the perfect product mix, and landing the ideal location, only to find out the only place to get displays really quickly is Ikea,” said Wil Walker, vice president of client experience at Display Dispensary. “Many operators find themselves in this predicament.”

To serve that need, Display Dispensary launched Dispensary 1-2-3, a turnkey system that provides everything needed to take a dispensary’s salesfloor from blank canvas to merchandise-ready quickly and at an affordable price.

“During the height of the pandemic, we saw an uptick in new dispensaries across the country,” Walker said. “Speed-to-market was the consistent message from our clients. If a client came to us with four weeks or four months to open, we needed a solution for both and everything in between. This was the motivation for Dispensary 1-2-3: providing options for rapid deployment that look fresh and allow for seamless operation without hiccups.”

Although rapid deployment is important, Walker said speed is only half the appeal of Dispensary 1-2-3. The other half—salesfloor design—is equally crucial to a project’s success.

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