LA Dispensary Opens Impressive Art Gallery Inside – CULTURE Magazine (subscription)

by Benjamin M. Adams | March 13, 2017

ShowGrow is opening an art gallery within the walls of a downtown Los Angeles dispensary location. Half of the gallery is located in the lobby and open to anyone with or without a medical cannabis recommendation. Inside, you can find stunning original artwork, such as works by singer Marilyn Manson and the man responsible for creating the HOLLYWeeD sign.

The gallery is currently featuring a rotating exhibition of works. The “Turnt Art” collection runs through May 1, 2017 and the new exhibit, “Get Lifted,” will open shortly after on May 13, 2017.

Matt Smiley is events manager and curator for ShowGrow. He’s also an artist himself. “One of the things that we have talked about is creating a space that is open and friendly,” Smiley told the Los Angeles Times. “We do an almost monthly show. People think of wine and art. I feel that this falls into that category. There is an element of luxury.”

The gallery bears an original watercolor drawn by Marilyn Manson entitled “Green Whore of Love.” The gallery will feature original stenciled artwork by Zachary Cole Fernandez, the same man who was responsible for modifying the iconic Hollywood sign to read HOLLYWeeD sign on New Year’s Day. The fine art that is available includes Snoop Dogg by photographer Sasha Young and kinetic-looking figure studies by French filmmaker Arghaël. There is also a portrait of Lindsay Lohan that was used in the Lifetime film “Liz & Dick” as well as work from the abstractionist Elle Michalka. Another small room in the dispensary will eventually house an art installation space.

Smiley says that the gallery does not take a commission from the artists. “I’m heavily invested in the art world,” added Smiley, who has painted together with Manson. “And this

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