Lakewood Votes To Opt Out Of Marijuana Dispensaries – Jamestown Post Journal

Pictured are members of the Lakewood Village Board during a meeting Monday evening. P-J photo by Katrina Fuller

LAKEWOOD — Marijuana will not officially be available for retail sale in dispensaries, shops or consumption locations in the village of Lakewood.

The Lakewood Village Board voted unanimously in favor of opting out after a spirited public hearing Monday evening.

Various community members attended the hearing, the second held this month, with some in favor of allowing the retail sale of marijuana in the village, while many were not in favor. Those in favor cited the use of marijuana in medical situations, as well as the revenue it could bring the village. Others pointed out that alcohol is legal, despite the number of accidents and cases of addiction that it causes.

“How many families have been ruined by alcohol?” One community member asked.

Another community member explained the effective use of marijuana in easing pain, anxiety and other ailments.

Those against the sale of marijuana in the village offered personal experiences of the negative impact of marijuana on the community, including Richard Peterson, a former school administrator.

“I’ve seen it destroy family after family after family,” he said. “If you make this decision, you’d better be prepared because a lot of things come with it.”

Several members of the public stated the impact of approving medical marijuana sales would be detrimental to Lakewood.

“If this board votes it in, you’ll be looking for a new job,” one person quipped.

Members of the public questioned whether the legislation is against medical marijuana use, which Mayor Randy Holcomb confirmed it is not.

Each village trustee was given time to make a statement before the vote. Trustee Douglas Schutte said

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