LAS VEGAS – Shango Premium Cannabis took the top 2020 award for Best Multi-State Medical Cannabis Dispensary i – mg Magazine

LAS VEGAS – Shango Premium Cannabis took the top 2020 award for Best Multi-State Medical Cannabis Dispensary in the United States from a global healthcare publication, Global Health & Pharma (GHP). The honor came from the 5th annual Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, sponsored by GHP, based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.

“To be named the best in the U.S. by an international medical media conglomerate is quite an honor,” Shango Owner Brandon Rexroad said. “To be rewarded for our hard work by pharmaceutical specialists is special.”


GHP is a global information sharing platform and was established to enhance communication networks and collaboration across three disciplines: Human, Animal and Environmental Health. 

Following Shango’s nomination, Global Health & Pharma’s rigorous internal vetting procedure used “an extensive research and judging process that is driven by merit and centered around an in-depth evaluation of skills and services offered.” 

GHP contest guidelines state that awardees had to “demonstrate expertise within their field, dedication to customer service and a commitment to promoting excellence. This approach enforces Global Health & Pharma’s stance that victors are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions to their industry.”

There were no fees paid for qualifying for this award.

“Receiving the right kind of care has the potential to transform a way of life by improving wellbeing and enabling those most vulnerable to experience a fulfilling lifestyle,” a GHP contest executive said. “The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 commends the tireless work undertaken by companies, individuals and initiatives that contribute toward promoting the physical and mental welfare of those in need of support.”

The Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 2020 included a spotlight on innovation within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries by recognizing the “forward thinkers who bring crucial new ideas and products to the forefront in

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