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Missouri residents voted to legalize medical marijuana in Nov. 2018. Two years later, the state’s first licensed dispensaries are nearly ready to open. More than 60,000 registered medical marijuana patients are ready to make their first purchases of state-licensed cannabis.

During the first few weeks, dispensaries will have cannabis flower available—and not much else.

What products will they find? During these first few weeks, dispensaries will have cannabis flower available—and not much else.

Dispensaries will eventually stock gummies, chocolates, concentrates, tinctures, vape cartridges, capsules, and other product categories. But those products take time to manufacture, and the raw material for all of them—cannabis flower—is reaching the manufacturing facilities at the same time it’s reaching the dispensaries. Look for the first infused products to hit the shelves around Dec. 1, 2020.

Bianca Sullivan, CEO of Fresh Green, says her Kansas City-area dispensary in Lee’s Summit expects to receive cannabis flower in the next few days. “It’s outdoor-grown and all-organic from one cultivator,” Sullivan told Leafly last week. “We’re working with one grower, and the harvest they’ve got now should produce about 30 strains.”

Three licensed cannabis farmers are currently growing in Missouri, and only one has completed a harvest. The other two, Sullivan said, expect to have cannabis available by the end of October.

Fresh Green has two dispensaries in the Kansas City region. The storefront in Lee’s Summit should have enough product to open within the next seven to 10 days, Sullivan said. Fresh Green’s Kansas City dispensary, in the Waldo neighborhood, is still under construction.

How to purchase at a Missouri medical marijuana dispensary

Use Leafly Finder to locate the dispensaries near you. Leafly lists only state-licensed dispensaries, so you know you’re finding the highest quality, lab-tested products available.

What to bring to the dispensary:

Your Missouri

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