Lemon Grove preparing for recreational cannabis sales for the city – The San Diego Union-Tribune

On the heels of a successful 2020 ballot measure that will tax marijuana dispensaries in Lemon Grove, the city is getting ready to allow for the sale of cannabis for recreational or adult use.

The Lemon Grove City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 17, gave feedback to staff members to go the route of La Mesa. That city allows any existing medical marijuana dispensary with an approved permit to apply for a special license to sell recreational marijuana without needing to amend that permit.

Lemon Grove currently has one operating legal cannabis dispensary, The Boulevard, at 6470 Federal Blvd., which sells medical marijuana. But a second marijuana business is expected to open soon at 6859 Federal Blvd. Another store is looking to open at 6691 Federal Blvd.

City Councilman Jerry Jones said he has been “watching La Mesa closely” and that it was time for Lemon Grove to follow its neighbor and legalize the sale of recreational cannabis with “co-location.” Co-locating will allow for the sale of marijuana used for pleasure in the same establishments that dispense marijuana for medicinal purposes.


City Manager Lydia Romero said the council could expect to hear about creating a formal ordinance for the legal sale of recreational cannabis by February or March.

“I’m so glad to hear we are in tune with what’s happening in La Mesa, and I hope it can apply in Lemon Grove,” said City Councilman David Arambula. He noted that “the will of the voters” shows that this is an opportune time for the city to create policies that will allow for recreational use.

In this year’s election, nearly three-quarters of Lemon Grove voters said yes to taxing the city’s cannabis dispensaries. The tax rates will not exceed 8 percent of gross receipts for retail cannabis businesses,

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