LETTER: Deny proposed Pendleton dispensary across from bus stop – East Oregonian (subscription)

As a resident of Pendleton for 28 years, I am deeply concerned about recent events that are changing the face of Pendleton and will affect the well being of our children and families.

The Pendleton Planning Commission received a conditional use request for a recreational marijuana dispensary to open on the corner of Tutuilla Road and Nye Street. Although this proposed site within a C3 zone exceeds the required 1,000 feet distance to a school and park, the store will be adjacent to a large residential area and across from a school bus stop.

About 40 children of all ages congregate at the corner of Tutuilla and Nye to catch the bus to and from schools throughout the day. Thirty-three buses loaded with minors will be passing the marijuana store twice daily to and from the middle school. Neighborhood children will be walking by the store to school or sport activities at Grecian Heights Park. Countless families transport their children to the park for soccer, baseball games, family picnics and fun.

This marijuana store will be highly visible to our neighborhood kids and students from all over Pendleton, promoting drug use right in front of their curious minds. They will be subjected to increased traffic of 100-200 daily customers, per applicant’s prediction. Placing the dispensary at this bus stop will undermine the effort of multiple agencies and individuals, e.g. Family First, former officer Hamby and the D.A.R.E. program who work daily in our schools and community to instill healthy choices and promote healthy families.

Numerous concerned individuals and school district representatives gave strong opposing testimonies at the public hearing February 16. Nevertheless, the planning commission postponed deliberation until March 2.

Who would like to live next door to a marijuana dispensary? Our property value will decrease, crime will increase. Will

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