Live Oak considers marijuana dispensary as revenue boost – Taft Midway Driller

By Lisa Van De HeyPublisher/Editor

In what was noted as “one of the strictest ordinances adopted,” during the March 1, 2017 Live Oak City Council meeting, Ordinance 538, adopted December of 2011, regulates the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana within the City of Live Oak.

“Council’s action was triggered by growing complaints within the city related to cultivation activities, safety concerns and a desire not to be in conflict with Federal law,” City Planner Erin Ventura’s report read.

At that time the Council approved the most restrictive regulatory approach available by banning the cultivation and distribution of marijuana within the city.

Proposition 64 was passed November 8, 2016 by California voters which authorized the use, possession, cultivation and processing of marijuana and its products for non-medical uses. 

“As with previous legislation, Proposition 64 provides local agencies the ability to completely ban marijuana uses or allow those uses consistent with local policies and ordinances.

“The only exception is allowing the personal cultivation, possession and use of marijuana and prohibiting local agencies from banning the cultivation and processing of marijuana within an individual’s personal residence or accessory building to the residence for up to six plants,” the staff report read.

Up for discussion last week was the decision on whether to allow medical or non-medical marijuana commercial cannabis business because staff was looking for direction on the draft ordinance requested by Council members.

Ventura presented a compilation of examples of what other cities have done such as the City of Marysville and the City of Grover Beach.

The City of Marysville auctions medical marijuana dispensary licenses off to the highest bidder, allowing no more than two dispensaries to operate within the City at any time.

Grover Beach voters approved a marijuana tax in November of 2016, Measure L, which will bring

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