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Jefferson County, OH (WTRF)- Ohio is seeing Medical Marijuana expand all over the state but also here in the Ohio Valley.

Even the Ohio Valley National Relief Dispensary can attest to this.

It’s almost OVNR’s two-year-anniversary, and CEO and owner Mike Petrella says it’s grown a lot in that time… after a slow start.

The dispensary used to only see 20 to 30 people a day at first, but that’s grown to between 75 to 100 people a day.

Petrella says medical marijuana itself is also growing.

There’s a lot more medical marijuana products on the market now. It’s gone from just flour to a range of products, like edibles, vape cartages, patches, and creams, and it continues to grow.

“It’s remarkable. It really is. We’ve been able to be an essential business through COVID, so being here, being able to see people, talk to them, getting people their medicine has been a big help for us and our patients.”

Mike Petrella, CEO and Owner of Ohio Valley National Relief Dispensary

COVID itself has affected their business but in a good way. Petrella says more patients have left the black market to become patients here.

Most of the patients they help are dealing with PTSD, cancer, and chronic pain.

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