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DECIDING ON DISPENSARIES: The state Medical Marijuana Commission meeting deliberated five dispensaries’ requests for changes in location at its meeting Wednesday afternoon.

At Wednesday afternoon’s meeting of the state Medical Marijuana Commission, commissioners approved changes in location for three dispensaries and changes of ownership for four dispensaries.

Natural State Medical Group in West Central Arkansas’s Zone 6 was denied its request to change the location of its cultivation, processing and packaging operations. The dispensary will remain at its original address at 1402 Airport Road in Hot Springs, but it asked to be able to have its grow facility moved off-site to a location at 7090 Central Avenue in Hot Springs. Commission members shared concern that allowing the dispensary to do so would condone the creation of “de facto cultivation centers.” They also said the dispensary’s original application was approved with the understanding that only one building would be utilized for the facility, and the commission didn’t feel “comfortable” approving the additional growing facility would condone a feature not contained in the application.

Will Harrison, a lawyer for Natural State Medical Group, said the medical marijuana amendment does not prevent the use of two facilities for a dispensary, but the commission still denied the dispensary’s request.

Big Fish of North Central Arkansas’s Zone 2 was granted a change in location about a mile from its original address at 1400 Heber Springs Road North to a new location at 3001 Hwy. 25 B in Heber Springs. The dispensary will remain in Zone 2, and its score will not be affected by the move.

Alex Gray, a lawyer for Big Fish, said the change in location is due to the expiration of the dispensary’s real estate application at the former address. He added that he anticipates the dispensary will be able to open

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