Marijuana dispensary in SW Detroit razed amid probe into buckled road – The Detroit News

Detroit — A marijuana dispensary was razed Tuesday afternoon after it was rendered unstable Saturday by an unknown underground event. 

The city of Detroit has partnered with utility providers and the state to investigate what went wrong underneath and beside Stash Provisioning Center and caused an 8-foot mound to quickly erupt in the middle of Dearborn Street. 

Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer Hakim Berry has said workers at Stash witnessed the ground shift the building on Saturday and raise the road within 25 minutes.

The Detroit Fire Marshall and Building Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department later determined the building was unsafe and had to come down. Blue Star Construction conducted the emergency demolition and workers were outfitted in protective gear and used hoses as a dust mitigation technique, a standard practice with emergency structure removal, city officials noted. 

Before the facility was able to be demolished, DTE Energy was working to repair a leaking, 16-inch gas main.DTE has completed the repair and service has been restored to the eight homes impacted, Berry told the Detroit City Council during Tuesday’s formal meeting. 

It’s unclear what caused the damage to the road and building, why the mound hasn’t collapsed and what’s holding it up, Berry noted Monday.  

“We’ve talked to a lot of experts and all have said they’ve never seen anything like this,” Berry has said. “It’s very intriguing to us and we can’t wait to get in there and see what caused this.”

Excavation work will be the next step toward determining what occurred, Berry said.

Berry told the council Tuesday that there was “no imminent danger” and therefore no reason to evacuate the 53 homes in the area. The air nearby is being consistently monitored, Berry told the council, adding a gas smell has subsided. 

“What we’re trying to understand is what caused the movement of the earth,” he said. “We’re not speculating on that cause. We really want to

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